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    Clock & Timer ICs
    Driver ICs
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    Audio ICs
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    Power Management ICs
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    Data Converter ICs
    Memory ICs
    Optocouplers ICs
    Embedded Processors & Controllers ICs
    Active Filter ICs
  • Embedded Processors
    FPGA-Field Programmable Gate Array
    CPLD-Complex Programmable Logic Devices
    PLD-Simple Programmable Logic Devices
    Digital Signal Processors
  • Connectors
    Modular Connectors / Ethernet Connectors
    Audio & Video Connectors
    Headers & Wire Housings
    Pin & Socket Connectors
    Automotive Connectors
    I/O Connectors
    Power Connectors
    Backplane Connectors
    IC & Component Sockets
    RF Interconnects
    Board to Board & Mezzanine Connectors
    Card Edge Connectors
    Terminal Blocks
    Circular Connectors
    D-Sub Connectors
    Memory Connectors
    USB Connectors
  • Capacitors
    Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
    Film Capacitors
    Ceramic Capacitors
    Mica Capacitors
    Tantalum Capacitors
  • Resistors
    Chip Resistors
    Photosensitive Resistors
    Carbon Film Resistors
    Pressure Sensitive Resistors
    Humidity Sensitive Resistors
    Metal Resistors
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    Low Signal Relays
    General Purpose Relays
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    High Frequency / RF Relays
    Time Delay & Timing Relays
    Industrial Relays
  • RF Semiconductors
    RF Integrated Circuits
    RF Transistors
  • Inductors
    Fixed Inductors
    Variable Inductors
    Coupled Inductors
    Common Mode Filters / Chokes
  • LED Lighting Electronics
    LED Drivers Power Supplies
    LED Lighting Drivers
  • Switches
    Basic / Snap Action Switches
    Limit Switches
    Switch Accessories
    Pushbutton Switches
    Rocker Switches
    Toggle Switches
    Illuminated Switches
    Rotary Switches
Digital Signal Processors
Metal Resistors
Photosensitive Resistors
Ceramic Capacitors
Memory Connectors
Rocker Switches
Low Signal Relays
Power Connectors
Jun Electronic Co., Limited is a distributor of electronic components and devices, established in 2005. We have a large stock of components from leading brands such as TI, AD, STM, ON, NXP, MICROCHIP, Atmel, Xillinx, SILICON, Infineon, Omron and more. We offer the fastest and highest quality services to our customers, meeting their needs in the shortest possible time. Our quotes are fast, and our sales team is available 24 hours everyday. We offer quick delivery and same-day shipping for orders placed. We also provide a 365 day quality assurance and only sell genuine, brand-new products, with professional technical support. In addition, we also have a PCB factory and can accept BOM orders with a lead time of just 5-10 days...
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